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Warlander Devblog #21: All Hallows’ Eve

It’s Halloween in Tir-na-Clanna - Land of the Clans!

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Warlander Devblog #12: Trials of the Forest

While we're deep in the midst of internal testing, the Forest brings a gift...

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Warlander Devblog #10: The Art of Warlander

We talk about art, inspiration and also about barbaric villages and shrines for beginners...

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Warlander Devblog #9: The Bosses of Warlander - Forest Guardian

We introduce you to our favorite worm with 16 nasty teeth!

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Warlander Devblog #8: The Environments of Warlander

This blog post brings footage from three different levels of Warlander showcasing the variety of environments.

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