Warlander Devblog #8: The Environments of Warlander

This blog post brings footage from three different levels of Warlander showcasing the variety of environments.

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Warlander Devblog #7: Enemies of Warlander - Techno Soldier

Avenging has never been a simple business especially since those you want to exact retribution on tend to fight back...

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Warlander Devblog #6: Let's talk about Warlander...

An interview where we talk about Warlander - inspiration and future plans are mentioned!

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Warlander Devblog #5: Warlander's lore - Bad Time Stories

We present to you a collection of short stories that tells a little bit about the past - and give hints about the present and future...

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Warlander Devblog #4: There and Hack Again - Warlander on Reboot Develop 2019

Party of six leaves the Forest and heads to the ancient city of Dubrovnik for a slice of knowledge at Reboot Develop 2019...

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