Warlander Devblog #6: Let's talk about Warlander...

An interview where we talk about Warlander - inspiration and future plans are mentioned!

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Warlander Devblog #5: Warlander's lore - Bad Time Stories

We present to you a collection of short stories that tell a little bit about the past - and give hints about the present and future...

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Warlander Devblog #4: There and Hack Again - Warlander on Reboot Develop 2019

Party of six leaves the Forest and heads to the ancient city of Dubrovnik for a slice of knowledge at Reboot Develop 2019...

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Warlander Devblog #3: Stakes and Vines

In this post we will be talking about one of the three routes you can go down within the Skill Tree, what new powers they can offer you and some of the cool ways that you can use them.

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Warlander Devblog #2: Slice and Dice

Let’s talk about innovative slicing mechanics of Warlander! It is unique from both gameplay and technical aspects, and we will cover both in this blog.

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