Warlander Devblog #14: Dismemberment In vivo

Warlander's Pre-Alpha Demo is finally being showcased! Join us in this blog post as we discuss influencer's opinions and experiences of the Demo.

After several months spent in our dark cave, crafting and honing Warlander’s Pre-Alpha Demo, we have finally brought it into the light and presented it to the world! It is never easy showing something you’re proud of to people, let alone the world but the initial reactions are overwhelmingly positive and we are both satisfied and grateful for that.

Here is a small list of influencers (so far) that have helped us to show Warlander to our future players. Many thanks and blessings of the Forest upon all of them!




MrH3d4ch3 summarised his Warlander combat experience.

“It's quite slow and that was one of the things that put me off when I was watching some gameplay of it on IGN. But, once you got it in your hands it feels a lot better. … The slow hits make you think what you're gonna do…”


Lord Squidius

After playing through the whole Demo, Lord Squidius said the following about his experience.

“... I don't know how many people are working on this game, but that was fantastic. Throughout the whole thing, I was on the edge of my seat.”

“So far, just gameplay, the way the combat feels, it is satisfying to slice and dice your enemies.”




Leon_Lonewolf expressed his enjoyment of the games dismemberment…

“What I did like actually is that you can dismember people and use their body parts as currency. That I really liked!”

And gave Warlander his approval. “I'd say this is definitely something worth looking into. I'll definitely put this on my watchlist...

So yeah - a definite thumbs-up!”



Jason pointed out, while still getting accustomed to the combat style…

“This game punishes you for going all in… like, you can’t get greedy at all!”

In the end, he gave his verdict of Warlander’s combat “... that kind of combat, that kind of like having to read the field and knowing the right time to attack… that’s always fun and it got me hooked.”



Click4Gameplay described the combat really well.

“Stamina based would be the term for describing this combat system, but it’s much deeper than that actually - in Warlander it’s very important where you land your hits, so you can’t just spam attack and win…”

He also pointed out some interesting details that happen during combat.

“Sometimes, even when it seems like you decapitated your enemy, you will have to do an extra strike, because apparently there is still 10% head left - really nice attention to detail. Or, for example, you can cut off their legs than do an Execute move…”


We’re hard at work continuing to reach more influencers so more of you can hear their thoughts and opinions and experience Warlander’s Pre-Alpha Demo for yourself. Please stay tuned as we will surely expand the list of influencers who have decided to showcase the Demo!


Until then, please wishlist us on Steam and join us on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!


With Forest’s blessings,

CDG Team