Warlander Devblog #15: Exploring the Shrine of Seers

This blog post reveals some lore behind the Pre-Alpha Demo’s location - the Shrine of Seers…

In July, we have released Warlander’s Pre-Alpha Demo to influencers. The primary point of the Demo was to test the public opinion on new changes to Warlander’s combat. But, we decided to add just a sprinkle of narrative to the Demo, mostly to add some context to Bruce’s exploration of the level and not to make it just into an arena-to-arena slog.

To our surprise and satisfaction, even that sprinkle of dialogues and cutscenes provoked great interest in the influencers and the audience - they wanted to learn more about Bruce, his sentient sword Ferguson and the particular place where their quest took them to. While we cannot reveal much without wandering straight into spoiler territory we will provide some information about the Shrine of Seers to our readers.

The Shrine was built in ancient times as a dwelling for a mysterious creature known to the Druids as the Many-Eyed. It soon became a gathering place to those of the Cult who were blessed with a gift of second sight by the Old God. Those Druids, who will become known as Seers, channeled the visions of the past, present and the future through Many-Eyed and partook of the knowledge of the Forest. The Shrine became a home for the Seers as well as their final resting place. It is said in the Cult that those buried there become one with the Shrine, the Many-Eyed and the rest of the dead Seers...

After the fall of the Cult to the onslaught of the Techno Order, the Shrine of Seers became one of the rare safe havens for the Druids. But, the Druid numbers were severely reduced by the short and bloody conflict against the Technos and the Clans under their command. Seers of the Cult were also affected and the Shrine slowly but surely fell into decrepitude, looking more like a gathering of recluses than a thriving community of augury and learning that it was before the war.

Yet, the fall of the Cult did not stop the Technos from pursuing the remnants of the Druids. Relentlessly they worked on weakening the Forest, destroying huge tracts of trees and purging out any Druid hideouts. The Druids, and the Forest, resisted when and where they could and managed to prevent the Technos from penetrating into the inner recesses of the Forest, where the holiest - and most important sites of the Cult are - including the Shrine of the Seers.

Then, something unthinkable happened. Somehow, the Technos were able to bypass the protections of the Forest, to reach and conquer the now almost defenceless Shrine. From then on, they worked on reshaping the Shrine to suit their needs… Whatever they may be. The results of the Technos’ efforts you have seen for yourself...

And, that brings us to the end of the info we can share with you while avoiding spoilers. But, you might wonder… Why would Bruce and Ferguson wander into a Shrine overrun by Techno forces? Not without a good reason, we can assure you!

We are currently hard at work implementing the changes based on the information we’ve gathered from the Pre-Alpha Demo. Stay tuned - we will be releasing new information on this! Until then, wishlist us on Steam, and take the conversation to Discord, Facebook and Twitter.


CDG team!