Warlander Devblog #22: The Forest awakens!

Short info about Warlander's development progress...

Hello everybody!


Following the months of silence, the Forest comes back to life – slowly, but surely.

Our team spent this time working hard to finish the development of Warlander.

Swords were crafted, trees were planted, enemies were trained and many other amazing things were built and rebuilt left and right. 


After all the toil under the keen eyes of our Druid and Techno masters, we are proud to say that the game is nearly there.


We are proud to say that all this hard work paid in another way: there will be no Early Access for Warlander – the game will be released in its completed form, as a full experience.


A bug or two might appear, but that's why we believe that you - dwellers of the Forest and Techno Strongholds– will let us know about it, so we can squash it!


The day of release is coming, but we'll talk about the exact date next Thursday. 


Expect to see more and more videos, playthroughs, reviews, and similar activities in the weeks ahead, as we approach the release day.


Stay vigilant!

CDG team