Warlander Devblog #8: The Environments of Warlander

This blog post brings footage from three different levels of Warlander showcasing the variety of environments.

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the newest Warlander devblog in which we focus on the game’s environment. We’ll show you parts of levels, and also share with you their background (but without spoilers!) We also invited our Lead technical artist Đorđe Vučković - Vučko to give us some designers’ input on how the levels were created.


First, we present you the Druid’s Sanctum. A place of worship and teaching for thousands of years, it used to be one of the main temples of the Druid Cult. The conflict with Technos turned it into a shelter for young and old Druids alike and the unofficial center of the Cult. Here, the leaders of the Druids gather to discuss important topics and make decisions that influence not just their Cult, but the Clans as well. We asked Vučko to give us some info about this level’s design:

“When we first designed the Druid Sanctum, it looked like a simple hub with portals for different levels of the game. After two or three iterations, we decided that it’s going to become something I would call an “immersive upgrade zone” - a place that’s populated with NPC’s where you progress your character in Warlander. After each level, the player will return here and may talk with different characters and learn new information. Also, players may approach the Devouring Tree in order to sacrifice parts of the enemies (our version of  XP) and get new combat powers or upgrade existing ones.”


Next on the menu is the Thornhill Temple. Even though the level looks sunny and welcoming, do not be fooled! The interior is far from serene. The Temple is a former Druidic place of power where one of the Avatar of the Old God resided. But, the Techno Order conquered it a long time ago. A lot of lives and secrets were lost during the fall of the Temple, and surviving druids rarely dare to venture there, if ever. It was also a place where an important relic of the Druid Cult was kept and Warlander’s players will have to visit the Temple in order to obtain it. Again, Vučko shared some info about it:

“Thornhill Temple is one of the first levels we created. An interesting fact is that the original atmosphere of the zone was quite different - the weather was rainy and it was dark and somber, but after several iterations and changes we turned it into a more relaxed, day scene. Since it originally had three different zones, we used World stream in order to merge it into one zone. It was also the level that was used in creating the first vertical slice so I would say that it’s one of the most used levels in the game during development”.


Lastly, we present you with the Red Fox Village. This is a habitat of one of the major clans in Warlander’s world, a place of laughter, yelling and crowded noises during the day, when clansmen and clanswomen go about their businesses. Children are running between houses and explore alleys as if they prepare for the hunt. However, the storm approaches to all of them - the young and the old, the strong and the weak, the brave and fearful… a storm like no other!

“Red Fox village changed its layout several times”, Vučko explains “but, in the end, we decided to keep it simple and in order to make it interesting for the player, the village is designed so that you have several “mini-arenas” where combat takes place. They are not real arenas but offer the same feel for the player. We wanted to challenge the standard idea of a village - clusters of houses and passages that are narrow and claustrophobic, and let the player enjoy the combat in open spaces” he concludes.


Hope you enjoyed the latest Warlander’s blog and the videos we made and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. An be sure to wishlist us on Steam and join us on Discord!

Enjoy the Weekend!